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    Posted by Galahad Clark on

    Take a walk in your great, great, great, great, great .... great grandfather’s footsteps.

    Back in 1976, a group of Archaeologists in a remote region of Tanzania were letting off steam after a hard day’s digging, by throwing elephant dung at each other.
 When one of them dived to avoid a flying pachyderm turd they inadvertently landed on something remarkable.

    The oldest human footprints ever found. The Laetoli footprints, as they’re known, are believed to be around 3.7 million years old. 
You have to fast forward about 3.69 million years to find the oldest shoe. Which was more like a glove for the foot than the type of shoes we’re familiar with.

    The Modern shoe with a heel, thick sole, cushioning and a narrow toe box didn’t appear until just a few hundred years ago.
 Created as a fashion statement for the rich.
 So there’s no shortage of evidence that your feet can cope pretty well without unnecessary padding, support or orthotics.
Which is why we don’t use any.
 Vivos are foot shaped so your feet can move like feet.

    They’re wider than the average shoe so you can spread your toes.
 And our ultra-thin, flat sole offers protection without compromising feel or movement. 
Allowing your feet to regain their natural spring and flexibility. Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

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