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    At UltrAspire we don't ask athletes to adopt to our packs, we build packs that adopt to the athlete.


    UltrAspire is a premier brand that delivers the most intuitive hydration products available, being the industry leader, not only in design, but materials and technology.  Elite athletes are the driving force behind UltrAspire's continued innovation.  These pro ultra runners, such as Krissy Moehl,  put our gear to the test. 



    Brief History

    UltrAspire is the continuing legacy of legendary hydration maker and athlete, Bryce Thatcher.  Bryce started making hydration products for himself in the early 80's, and has actively innovated and shaped the world of hydration.  As a young man he worked at the Athlete's Foot, where the owner allowed Bryce to display some of his hand sewn products on the shoe rack.  In a week, he had his first order.  A business had begun.  Bryce founded and named it Ultimate Direction. 

    Ultimate Direction: 1985

    Bryce brought the world its firs bottle pack, the first handheld, and other major improvements and innovations of those concepts followed.  He brought to the market the first "fast"pack.  He took a bladder and incorporated it into a real pack with a hep-belt, padded shoulder straps and gear carrying capacity.  He created the first screw top sports bottles and the first hydration specific belts and vests. 

    Bryce was the first to incorporate layers of breathable and perforated foams in back panels, hip belts and shoulder straps, thought to be so innovative today, were first used by Bryce in 1987.   

    In 1991, he was the first to create and produce a full line of racing packs, which evolved into true high-performance trail and adventure racing packs.  He brought the world the first baffled water reservoir.  He conceived vests with water and tube stored in a freeze free condition. 

    Next he created the first horizontal bottle pack and the first angled holsters for ease of access and elimination of fumbling for water.  Many buckles still in use industry-wide were developed at that time by Bryce including a better fitting hip belt buckle he designed with ITW Nexus. 


    Nearly all of these early innovations originated from his own athletic experiences of from needs and problems related to him by other athletes. 

    Nathan Sports, 2004. 

    Bryce began designing for the Nathan sports line where he transformed the brand.  While at Nathan, Bryce created the first speed holsters allowing one-handed entry and exit access of bottles.  He designed the first bottle with a carabineer incorporated into it.  He designed the first bifurcated bladder with a valve to regulate mixing of fluids.  He also invented the first on/off valve for reservoir tubing.  He built the first rapid access bladder compartment.  He made major improvements on the vest pack and invented the propulsion harness.  He added pockets and other storage space to handhelds and he improved the race belt. 

    UltrAspire, 2011 

    To an innovator like Bryce, there are always dozens of ideas that could lead to improved or specialised products. As Nathan grew, the company shifted its emphasis from specialty markets to target huge general consumer markets.  This left little room for Bryce to innovate specialty items for individual athletes.  A desire to return to his roots creating perfect solutions focusing on the specialised needs of dedicated athletes began to grow, and so a new brand was born with aspirations of bringing great products to the growing sport and world of ultras. With the help of a team of extreme, and diverse athletes, Bryce has developed, tested and brought to a stagnant market flooded with his old designs and iterations, new award winning and innovative products.  These products were immediately embraces and adopted by Europe and Asian markets and many top athletes in the US have recognised and understood UltrAspire to be the cutting edge of the industry.