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    Team Vivo Elite

    Team Vivo Elite is a team of extremely talented and passionate athletes sponsored by Native Sport.



    Jarryd Dunn (Turbo)




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    Runner Profile

    Date of birth: 22 July 1997

    Hometown: CapeTown

    Profession: Student at UCT studying a BSc Computer Science

    Recent results:

    • 2nd Old Fisherman’s Trail Challenge (2017)

    • 1st VWS Trail Challenge 20km (2017)

    • 4th Two Oceans Trail Run 24km (2017)

    • 2nd Overall Cape Summer Trail Series Long Course (2017)

    • 1st Trail du Mont Rochelle 25km (2016)

    • 1st Cape Leopard Trust Trail Challenge (2016)

    • 1st Team Table Mountain Challenge (2016)

    • 1st Kleinmond XL (2016)

    • 2nd Bastille Day Trail Run 25km (2016)

    Favourite Quote: “Not all who wander are lost”

    Favourite Sports Personality: Ryan Sandes

    Why do you like VIVOBAREFOOT:

    The minimal cushioning means that the feedback is fantastic.  The zero drop and wide toe box means that your foot can move the way it was designed to and they are extremely comfortable.

    Why do you like UltrAspire:

    Their packs make refueling as easy as possible. They are light and don’t bounce while you’re running and hold everything you need.

    What is your favorite trail:

    Pretty much anything in the Cederberg. Though I’m also a huge fan of the trails in the Muizenberg mountains.

    Not everyone knows that:

    I have a tendency to take wrong turns and add a k or two to most of my runs.


    I grew up hiking in the mountains around Cape Town. Now I run them always looking from new paths and peaks.


    Charl Brandon Souma  (Caballo)

    Charl arrived on the Trail running circuit late in comparison to the current top trail runners in SA.  Coming from a road background he always possessed the speed but needed to learn the techniques of trail running.  It has been a fast progression from a person who shows the utmost dedication to detail to the art of Trail running.  Known to break into a Huge smile everytime you see him on the trail he is one of the friendliest and down to earth people you will ever meet.
    Date of Birth: 29-06-1979
    Hometown: Claremont
    Profession:  IT Consultant dreaming of outdoors all day
    Recent results:
    • Winner of the Three Peaks Challenge 2013
    • Top 3 finish SA Ultra Distance Trail Champs 2013
    • Top 10 finish SA Long Distrance Trail Champs 2013
    • Comrades Silver 2013
    Favourite Quote: Die in training, survive in competition 
    Favourite Sports Personality: I look up to ultra-trail runners, and long distance runners
    Why do you like Vivobarefoot: Vivobarefoot and the aspiration of running naturally inspired me to be a better runner in all facets of my sport and lifestyle.  The theory coupled with my purist approach and love for natural movement is what keeps me enjoying the freedom of the shoes.
    Why do you like UltrAspire: UltraSpire makes sense to me, its form follows its function which makes it simple to use and easy to trust. When it’s on it’s not noticeable. When I need something it’s easily accessible.
    Why do you like OMM: OMM gear is made for serious conditions. When I head out for an adventure in nasty weather I feel safe with my OMM on. It’s light enough so that I don’t have to compromise on safety over stowage space.
    Not everyone knows that:  I am a low carb high fat natural foodie extraordinaire
    Biography: I had a brief encounter with long distance running in my early school years which lasted until midway through high school. I didn’t put in the required training and never saw the beauty of running although I always wanted to run the Comrades. At 28 years of age I attempted running to get fit and but found myself struggling and uninterested. A year later I was given an entry to a half marathon; with less than 30km training I ran it and enjoyed every minute of it. The next year I ran comrades and continued running ever since.
    Greg Goodall  (Cappy)
    Greg is born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the son of Pat and Nicky and brother to elder sister Lauren. He is husband to beautiful wife Robyn and proud father of Aaron and Chloe. Greg was schooled at Camps Bay and matriculated from Bishops in 1998. He is passionate about sport and got involved in triathlon in 2001 after a knee operation ended his wakeboarding aspirations. Highlights include ITU World Champs in Cancun 2002 and Honolulu 2005. Hawaii Ironman World Champs in 2009. Cape Epic in 2011. Back to back podiums at the Otter Trail run in 2011 and 2012.
    Date of Birth: 02-06-1980
    Hometown: Cape Town
    Profession:  Full time Dad, part time athlete, and work a little on the side to fuel the habit. My background is multisport, triathlon, mountain biking, trail running and the tougher the better - endurance is my strength.
    Recent results:
    • 3rd Investec Lion Head's Challenge Tame The Lion 22km (2015)
    • 3rd Otter Trail (2012, 2011)
    • 1st CVT (2012)
    • 1st Team Table Mountain Challenge (2011)
    • 7th Jonkershoek Mountain Extreme (2011)
    • Top 50 Cape Epic (2011)
    • 2nd Southern Storm Duathlon (2010)
    • 3rd Hout Bay Trail Challenge (2010)
    • 1st Mast Challenge (2010)
    • 1st Ironman South Africa (2009) (age group 25 – 29)
    • Ironman World Championships, Hawaii (2009)

    Favourite Quote: The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle. 

    Why do you like the Native Sport brands: I bought into the principal of natural running and took it on as a challenge to improve my form and efficiency. Vivobarefoot has been around from bthe eginning. Before the hype. The people behind the brand are passionate about what it stands for and believe in the lifestyle. Their coaching and training seminars about natural movement is testament to this.
    Have you adopted or improved your technique since running in VIVOBAREBOOT shoes: I didn’t have to reinvent my technique because I’ve always had a forefoot style so the adjustment was fairly easy, but it has taught me to become more aware of my form and therefore I run more efficiently.
    What recommendations would you offer to people who are looking to hit the trails in VIVOs: Slowly. You can’t expect to put on a pair of barefoot shoes and resume your normal training program. It will vary for each individual depending on existing style, type of shoe, terrain, mileage, etc. but I recommend introducing them in one of your quality sessions per week. Also wearing them causally and not just to run in will speed up the conditioning and strengthening process.
    Not everyone knows: I enjoy family, friends, photography, music and coffee.  I dislike minibus taxis, cigarette butts and being late.
    Biography: “What is defeat? Nothing but an education. Nothing but the first step to something better.”